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The ESMS Officer is expected to be someone from the financial institution’s senior management, preferably from within the risk management department and should have sufficient authority and organizational influence to ensure the ESMS is properly implemented organization-wide. He or she should have a reasonable background in both environment and finance and should maintain an active role during the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management System and in reporting to IFC on an annual basis.

Depending on the financial institution’s organizational structure and business scope, the ESMS Officer may be supported by one or more ESMS coordinators to review or coordinate the day-to-day environmental and social tasks performed by other staff (i.e., credit officers, environmental and social specialists, and consultants) in various divisions and subsidiaries, according to the staff roles specified in the ESMS.

Staff responsible for environmental and social risk management are encouraged to complete the Sustainability Training and E-learning Program (STEP), designed for managers and staff of financial institutions. This free, online training provides an understanding of sustainable finance and outlines how financial institutions can identify and manage environmental and social risks and opportunities.

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