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Financial institutions that take their role in addressing environmental and social risk seriously generally have a better reputation within the market than those that do not.

Investors are expecting financial institutions to adopt a Environmental and Social Management System, which is also often a requirement of the major international lenders. In addition, as national environmental and social regulatory frameworks are becoming increasingly stringent and pressure from external stakeholders to comply with international environmental and social standards is increasing, financial institutions that systematically manage their environmental and social risks through a ESMS will be better prepared for the future to anticipate and adapt to these changes.

A financial institution can also gain a competitive advantage by providing value to their clients in identifying and mitigating E&S risks that are relevant to them. For example, many export-oriented companies may benefit from a financial institution’s expertise on E&S standards and companies facing regulatory problems can finally address compliance issues that threaten their business and credit worthiness with the support of a financial institution.

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