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The financing is usually secured by the project assets such that the financial institution providing the funds will assume control of the project if the sponsor has difficulties complying with the terms of the transaction.

Project finance is generally used for large, complex and sizable operations, such as roads, oil and gas explorations, dams, and power plants. Due to their complexity, size, and location, these projects often have challenging environmental and social issues, which may include involuntary resettlement, loss of biodiversity, impacts on indigenous and/or local communities, and worker safety, pollution, contamination, and others. Because these projects generally face high scrutiny from regulators, civil society, and financiers, the project’s sponsoring companies allocate more resources to managing environmental and social risks.

If not managed properly, the environmental and social risks can result in disrupting or halting project operations and lead to legal complications and reputational impacts that threaten the overall success of the project. Because anticipated project cash flows typically generate the necessary resources to repay the loan, any disruption to the project itself, regardless of the financial standing of the sponsoring companies involved, poses a direct financial risk to the financial institution.

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