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The Sustainable Banking and Finance Network is open to all officials or specialists working in banking regulatory bodies that have an interest in environmental and social sustainability issues, as well as in supporting the financial sector with guidance to manage environmental and social risks and opportunities. Core members include banking regulatory bodies and associate members, such as environmental regulators and industry associations, for instance banking associations.

Current SBFN members:

Associate members:

The SBFN welcomes regulators, officials, and specialists to join at any time and encourages them to share experiences, learn from others, and to benefit from Network activities. To become a member or associate member of the SBFN, please get in touch with us.

Member’s online exchange platform at Collaboration for Development (C4D)

IFC hosts an ongoing, internet-based knowledge exchange platform which further nurtures peer-to-peer learning. Banking regulators use this platform to share experiences, lessons, and best practices on a voluntary basis in a protected space.

This platform can only be accessed by current members and associate members of the SBFN. To sign up to the platform, please register to C4D and then request membership in the SBN platform. For further instructions, please download SBN registration tip sheet or contact us for further support.

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