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Companies of all sizes are increasingly focusing investments on environmental improvements to their business for the following reasons:

  • Save money that can finance investments and improve competitiveness
  • Increase productivity and improve product quality
  • Access to electricity outside the grid improving reliability of supply
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and manage environmental risk

Growing demand for financing creates an opportunity for financial institutions (FIs) to expand product offerings to include sustainable finance. FIs are uniquely positioned to focus clients on sustainable energy opportunities and catalyze investment decisions. Increased environmental awareness and interest of borrowers to invest in energy saving and renewable energy projects presents untapped potential.

The Business case for FIs is clear:

  1. Expanded market share through a new business line:
    • Innovative product/first mover advantage= greater margins less competition
    • Products attractive to customers based on value more than pricing
    • Monetize existing client base, attract quality new clients
    • New marketing channels through vendor partnerships
  2. Improved risk profile of portfolio:
    • Energy cost savings as a part of cash-flow
    • Lower credit risk
    • Mitigation of environmental risks
  3. Enhanced image of the FI:
    • Positive image and market differentiation
    • Enhanced brand value
  4. Improved access to international financing:
    • International financial organizations increasingly provide financial resources to financial institutions for targeted lending / investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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