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Mining Potential environmental issues associated with mining activities may include management of the following:

  • Air Emissions
  • Water use
  • Waste (solid & hazardous)
  • Environmental impact throughout the supply chain

The mining sector has numerous opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency throughout the exploration, development and construction, operation, closure and decommissioning stages. An analysis of what areas of the operations could be improved to generate savings and higher efficiency can be determined by exploring the following:

  • Use of less carbon intensive fossil fuels or co-firing with carbon neutral fuels (i.e., biomass)
  • Increase energy from renewable sources
  • Increase wastewater recycling and reduce water consumption
  • Increase co-generation, waste heat recovery, and combustion efficiency
  • Greening of supply chain by addressing resource efficiencies of suppliers

For more information on E&S risks in mining sector please refer to factsheet in Related Documents section.

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