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Power The key environmental issues associated with utility activities driven by power generation typically include management of the following:

  • Air Emissions including Green House Gas (GHGs)
  • Water Use
  • Waste water discharges

The power sector has numerous opportunities for cost-savings and operational efficiencies. An analysis of ways to improve environmental performance can be determined by exploring the following:

  • Use of less carbon intensive fossil fuels or co-firing with carbon neutral fuels (i.e., biomass);
  • Use of combined heat and power plants (CHP) where feasible
  • Improve energy efficiency through use of higher energy conversion efficiency technology.
  • Opportunity for selling carbon credits
  • Increase water recycling and reduce wastewater discharge by investing in closed-cycle, recirculating cooling water system (e.g., natural or forced draft cooling tower), or closed circuit dry cooling system (e.g., air cooled condensers).

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