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The opportunities typically require the lendee or investee company to integrate technologies into their operations which will lead to cost savings and operating efficiencies. These technologies may require the purchase of new equipment or may simply require the replacement of inefficient light bulbs or better heating / cooling systems management.

Environmental Business Opportunities by Product Lines
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The following are the types of environmental opportunities that may exist in the FI’s existing portfolio or may present opportunity to access new markets / clients.

  • Energy Efficiency – Reducing per unit energy consumption through increased efficiency.
  • Renewable Energy – Generating electricity or heat from sun, wind, biomass, geothermal or hydro resources.
  • Cleaner Production – Minimizing waste and emissions from industrial processes and maximizing product output.
  • Carbon Finance – Carbon finance provides financial resources to projects or programs generating greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions that are verified and sold on the global carbon market.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain – Management of environmental and social issues throughout the supply chain and incorporating sustainability standards between off-takers and suppliers while maximizing product output providing access to finance to small suppliers.

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