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Common Carbon Finance project types include cleaner production projects and projects that increase energy efficiency or generate power from renewable resources. FIs could participate actively in carbon markets in various ways:

  • Offering advisory services to clients entering or active in carbon markets, including marketing, structuring, transacting, and sales of carbon (i.e., over-the-counter and auctioning),
  • Offering targeted financing to companies with GHG emission reductions projects and programs that generate a stream of carbon finance income,
  • Selling emission reductions in the carbon market which they aggregate and purchase from portfolios of clients with smaller-scale GHG emission reductions projects,
  • Making equity investments in companies that originate and transact GHG emission reduction projects and programs that earn carbon finance payments, and
  • Receiving emission reductions in addition to interest payments as part of upside-sharing agreed with clients that generate carbon credits.

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