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TunInvest Enhances Performance Through Sustainability

Cogitel, a manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry in North Africa, reported losses in 1997 and TunInvest, a leading private equity fund in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, viewed Cogitel’s short-term setbacks as an ideal opportunity for a turnaround investment. With TunInvest’s capital and expertise, Cogitel obtained a new quality certification and quickly return to profitability.

Cogitel achieved a number of value-creating environmental objectives throughout TunInvest’s involvement with the company. Prior to TunInvest’s investment, Cogitel’s environmental policy was focused on reducing its amount of source packaging (product inputs) and waste production. While these were laudable policies, TunInvest used its strong relationship with company management to expand Cogitel’s environmental initiatives even further.

Beyond the financial gains from the investment, TunInvest worked with Cogitel’s management to create a culture of sustainability throughout the company. TunInvest raised the awareness of Cogitel’s management to environmental and social issues and explained their links to the company’s financial performance.

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