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What is Renewable Energy Financing?

renewable energyIt is financing for renewable energy projects that increase the provision of electricity generated from sources that are natural, rapidly replenished and essentially inexhaustible such as sun, water, wind, organic materials or the earth’s inner energy. This includes financing projects for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

In addition to project finance for renewable power generation projects, financial institutions (FIs) may also lend to the industrial sector for large initiatives such as co-generation projects, municipalities for up-grading public facilities, and the retail and commercial sectors.

Many countries have established subsidies or market mechanisms to support renewable energy investments such as direct grants, generation quotas, feed-in tariffs, emissions trading or state concessions. In markets where some of these mechanisms are in place, renewable energy financing is a potentially viable business for FIs.

Characteristics of Renewable Energy Technologies

Characterstics of Renewable Energy Technologies
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