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Microfinance for Renewable Energy in Bangladesh

Grameen Shakti is a sister organization of Grameen Bank with its focus on renewable energy. This is unusual internationally as most financial institutions invest in a portfolio of traditional fossil fuel systems along with an attempt to bring in renewables whenever possible. However it is a little less remarkable when it is seen that the vast majority of rural villages in Bangladesh are without any form of electricity.

Grameen Shakti has established a number of specific programs to implement its goals in renewable energy. These consist of:

  1. Solar Home Systems (SHS) Program- where homes are provided with photovoltaic roof collectors for a small amount of electricity, mostly for lighting.
  2. Wind Power Program- where larger scale systems are being trialed on some coastal locations.
  3. Hydro Program – where mini and micro hydro systems are being investigated in some hilly areas.

Grameen Shakti operates on the same principles as Grameen Bank.

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