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Identifying New Environmental Business Opportunities
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1) Portfolio Review

A portfolio review will identify existing clients of high energy intensity industries. Prioritizing a list of the top energy intensive industries will assist the FI in determining the most appropriate sustainable financing to offer. If the FI has an existing Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), the portfolio analysis will be facilitated by the systems and organization of portfolio information already established.

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A comprehensive analysis of market conditions is essential to determine whether a gap exists in the market that would be filled by the introduction of a sustainable finance product. Factors to consider are:

  • Energy security and fuel subsidies
  • Electricity market
  • Legislative drivers such as inclusion of renewable energy in the national energy policy or the presence of feed-in tariffs
  • Grid access – connectivity and reliability

Once relevant drivers are determined, the FI can offer financing to support market conditions or environmental legislation or subsidy programs.

The Sustainability Backgrounders in the Related Documents section have been developed to provide an initial idea of areas for analysis in these countries. Please note that the data in these documents may be out of date.

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